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Dawson's Tennis Courts is a Melbourne-based company that specialises in the servicing, repairs, sanding, and regeneration of synthetic grass surfaces and tennis courts.

I've worked on over 1000 tennis courts and have the knowledge to assist you restore your court to its original condition I enjoy and take pride in what I do.

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The process of rejuvenating a tennis court that entails using specialised equipment to break down and remove mould. Then, to remove imperfections, a chlorine treatment is applied to the surface.

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Sand plays two important roles in a tennis court's performance. It controls the pace of the surface. Your sand rating is essentially your pace rating. Ensuring the right type and blend of sand will ensure consistency of surface pace and therefore, speed of play.

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Maintenance & Repairs

We recommend getting your tennis court maintained every 3 month’s to keep your court looking beautiful.

Maintenance consists of; scraping mould/algae/weeds, cleaning the court from debris, sweeping the court to adjust sand levels, Grooming the court to lift the pile and conditioning ensuring the court stays perfect

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Lachie's a fabulous worker puts his mind and soul into his work. Our court looks awesome

Jane Williams

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